Miracle Mile

Commonly refereed to as the Mile, this section of the river is located between two large reservoirs on the North Platte. The most common misconception of the Miracle Mile is the distance between the two reservoirs. Much over a mile in length this section from the top of the canyon to pathfinder is approximately 5 miles when Pathfinder reservoir is full to 8 miles when it is low.

Sitting between two reservoirs, the Mile sits in the perfect location for year-round trout fishing.  Stable flows and temperatures from Kortes dam combined with lake fish moving in from Pathfinder makes this a true trophy trout destination.  During the right times of the year lots of big lake fish will move into the Mile, presenting some big fish opportunities.  There is also a healthy population of resident fish so there is always a chance at a trophy resident fish.

While the Mile is a tail water by location it fishes much like a freestone.  There is some great pocket water on the upper reaches upstream of the bridge. As you get downstream of the bridge the river begins to slow down and meander more like the Grey Reef sections.  Here is what you should expect at the Mile.  Kind of the opposite of the Reef the Mile expect to catch fewer fish but more quality fish.  That doesn’t mean you can’t rack up the numbers at the Mile.  However, you got a better chance at a numbers day more often than not on the Upper or Reef.

Expect to HOOK fish in the 2-3 pound range, good chance at fish in the 4-6 range and pending conditions a real chance at fish in the 8+lb range.  These fish are hot so be prepared to hear your reel sing and your harm to hurt.

The Mile is entirely on public land making wade fishing possible the entire length of the river.   So why hire a guide right?  Wrong the Mile can be tough to dial in and can be fickle day to day.  Experience goes a long ways.  We put in a ton of days at the Mile our guides have it dialed.   The secluded Miracle Mile is located in Carbon County. While there is no lodging at the Mile there is plenty around Saratoga and Casper.  However, the Mile is about a half hour closer to Saratoga than Casper.  Not to mention the drive from Saratoga is much prettier and on better roads.