North Platte River fishing report 1/10/18

You can’t catch fish all year unless you start in January!

The fishing is always good…  But your not going to learn everything you need to know in this report.  The below info we are observing and having success with.

North Platte River fishing report near Saratoga

Flow at Northgate ICE

 Current flow in real time

We are having a bit of a warm winter.  But the ice remains on most of the river.  If you can find some open water the fishing has been pretty solid.  Midges have been hatching daily and the fish are looking for them.  Fishing stones and worms along the bottom has been producing just as many.  The streamer bite has also been decent… Whites and olives have been working best for us!

Bugs hooking up on the Drift:  Stoneflies(pat’s rubber legs, prince,tung teeser) worms(san Juan, Squirmy),  midges( zebra, Ju Ju, and other emergers)

Bugs to pull:  Big bugs have been working peanut envy’s, sex dungeons etc… Fish are looking for that bigger meal.  Smaller wolly buggers are also producing.

Bugs to Float: Midges good luck!


Miracle Mile flow around 500 cfs changing periodically


Current flow in real time

The Mile has been fishing good! Midges have been hatching steadily.  Eggs have also been producing. The scud bit has been hit or miss.  The most consistent action has been on midges in the afternoons.   The streamer fishing has been solid at times.

Bugs hooking up on the Drift: Bugs to nymph: Leeches (brown, purple, natural), worms (san juan and rock),midges(PAL, zebra, bionic, halo), scuds (olive,tan, orange, purple) PMDs (PTs, hares ear, split case)

Bugs to pull: The big bugs have been producing…but so have smaller ones!

Bugs to float: Midges good luck!


 Grey Reef flow around 500cfs 

Current flow in real time

The upper eight miles is ice free and fishing good.  The fish are in lazy mode but are feeding on the same stuff as the mile!  This is one of our favorite times to fish grey reef. The crowds are down  and the big ones are hungry.

Use the same rigs as the Mile.



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