North Platte River fishing report 4/12/17

The water is getting big which is good.  Remember fish like water!


Spring Fishing is here take advantage 15% off all of April $425 for two anglers.


The spawn is on! Be careful wading and fishing.   Avoid fishing and wading the gravel that is super clean. Known as redds  spawning beds are where the gravel has been cleaned noticeably.  During the right time of day you will see fish working the redds.  Please leave them alone,  it is impossible to have healthy wild trout with out a successful spawn.

North Platte River fishing report near Saratoga

Flow at Northgate 800CFS changing daily by the minute

 Current flow in real time

Pre-runoff conditions are here.  Conditions changing on a daily basis.  We have had good fishing as of recently. Inconsistent weather patterns have really been messing with the conditions.  The streamer bite has been pretty good.  Fish are starting to hold up in pocket water and feed aggressively.  Rainbows are still pre-spawn but are starting to move onto spawning beds.

Bugs hooking up on the Drift:  Stoneflies(pat’s rubber legs, prince,tung teeser) worms(san Juan, Squirmy), baetis(pts, rs2s) midges(zebra,pal,ADM)

Bugs to pull:  Big bugs have been working peanut envy’s, sex dungeons etc… Fish are looking for that bigger meal.  Smaller wolly buggers are also producing.

Bugs to Float: No luck with the big attractors yet!  Fish have been looking up for baetis and midges.

Baetis (parachute adams) Midges(goober,griffith’s nat)



Miracle Mile flow around 3,000 cfs changing periodically


Current flow in real time

The Mile has been fishing great.  Midge hatches have been solid on the warmer days, fish seem to to be moving around looking for them.  Scuds have been great in the upper reaches. The streamer bite is getting better with the increase in flow!

Fish near the bottom of the river and bottom ends of the holes.  Fish have been spreading out and moving up in the column as the midges become abundant.  But fishing near bottom will produce all day.

Bugs hooking up on the Drift: Bugs to nymph: Leeches (brown, purple, natural), worms (san juan and rock),midges(PAL, zebra, bionic, halo), scuds (olive,tan, orange, purple) eggs(Mottled, and blood dots)


Bugs to pull: The big bugs have have been producing…but so have smaller buggers.  White and gray seem to be doing best but don’t rule out the dark colors


Bugs to float: Surface activity Slow to non existant!


 Grey Reef flow around 2,000cfs 

Current flow in real time

The spawn is on! Remember that the river is closed to fishing between cables.

The Reef is fishing good to great.  This is the place to be for numbers.  The weather has been decent and the fish are coming off their winter mode and starting to feed.  Midges are producing but so are leaches worms and other attractors.  Nymphing is going to produce the numbers.  However streamers are going to get you that fish of a lifetime.

The fish are getting ramped up spawning season is just starting for rainbows and cutthroat.  As the spawn increases fish will congregate towards the tops of the runs looking  for eggs.  As the day goes on and things get buggy fish will spread out to the sides and move up in the water column.

Baetis have arrived which will produce some great dry fly opportunities on the overcast days.


Use the same thing as the Mile but maybe lean more toward the leeches, rock worms, and midges



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