North Platte River fishing 7/14/19

Upper North Platte dropping and clearing fast

USGS flow in real time @ Northgate1200cfs

Fishing is great and so is the weather.  After a nice wet cool spring summer is finally here.  We have been starting super early to get out of the heat.  Hatches have been consisting off lots of midges and caddis.  Some stonefly action is still in the mix.  Tricos are around the corner, which will produce some of the best and most consistent dry fly fishing we get on the North Platte.

Bugs to float: Midges (griffiths nat, goober midge) Attractors (chubbys, etc)

Bugs to pull: Thin mints, buggers (olive,black, white) try slowing down your strip.  The swing has also been producing great at times.

Bugs to drift:  Midges (Zebra, mayhem) StonefliIes (pats, double bead stones) annelids (san Juan, rock worm), leaches(pine squirrel)  Eggs(beads and other bukakee).

Miracle Mile 4000cfs

Flow in real time

The Mile has been fishing great.   Flows are  up and the fish are spread out.  The  golden stones are starting to tapper off but are still producing some great fishing.  The caddis have been around for awhile.  But PMDs are on the horizon which will produce some great fishing into the dog days of summer.

Bugs to float: Midges (griffiths nat, goober)

Bugs to pull:   The big bugs have been good on the overcast days.  Whites and olives have been top producers.

Bugs to drift:  Midges (zebra, mayhems, ju ju) PMDs (hares ear, PTs, split case)stoneflies

Grey Reef 3000cfs

Flow in real time

same conditions at the reef. More PMDS and sallies


Bugs to float: Midges (griffiths nat, goober midge) Baetis!

Bugs to pull: pattern seems to be less important the whites and olives seem to be working best.

Bugs to drift:  Midges (Zebra, mayhem) annelids (san Juan, rock worm), leaches(pine squirrel) PMDS and yellow sallies